Level 2: Mood Change – Physical Exam: Expert Panel DDX

How does your differential compare with the experts?

Is there any additional testing (i.e., lab, imaging, etc.) you would perform at this time?

Experts’ DDX:

  1. Major depression – single episode, melancholic, moderately severe
  2. Medical condition
    1. Thyroid (hyper; or hypo) – needs to be checked (TSH)
    2. Autoimmune disease – fairly low
    3. DM (get BMP)
    4. Anemia (get CBC)
  3. Depression (premenstrual dysphoric disorder – PMDD) –– put lower
  4. Pregnancy (pregnancy test needed)
  5. Substance related
    1. Legal drugs
      Steroids, cardiac meds, birth control pills, sleep meds (barbs, benzos), anticonvulsants, Antihistamines
    2. Illicit drugs – lower until a drug screen is done
      Alcohol, marijuana, K2, synthetic marijuana, opiates (heroin), methamphetamine, cocaine