Level 1: Edema – Physical Exam: Expert Panel DDX

How does your differential compare with the experts?

Is there any additional testing (i.e., lab, imaging, etc.) you would perform at this time?

Experts’ DDX:

  1. Hypothyroidism
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Obstructive sleep apnea with pulmonary hypertension
  4. Venous insufficiency
  5. Liver disease
  6. Heart disease
  7. Kidney disease
  8. Pre-menstrual swelling
  9. Low protein/low albumin
  10. Abdominal tumor
  11. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  12. Hematopoietic disorder (anemia, malnutrition)
  13. Liver disease
  14. Heart disease
  15. Kidney disease